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About Us

While conveyancing is about property transactions, it’s also about legal protection of ownership and that all the records are kept safe for the owners.

Robert Torrens

We believe that conveyancing should be sophisticated enough to prevent fraud and should be safe for the property owners. The founding father of Conveyancing was Sir Robert Torrens who simplified the conveyancing process way back in 1857. Sir Robert Torrens was the third Premier of South Australia and he was not a lawyer; he was, in fact, a layman. His vision was that conveyancing should be simple to bring the cost down for anyone who has an interest in property.

We understand the ideals of the founder and we understand our clients. We pride ourselves on knowledge and we utilise up to date technology. The more efficient we are, the lower the cost will be for you. We are here, as a conveyancing firm, to help you with the legalities of property transaction while maintaining our signature cost efficiency. With us, we can guarantee that you will get the most value for your money.

A key strength of ours is that we have vast experience in this field. Our staff has a total combined experience of over 50 years. We continue to grow by constantly challenging ourselves to make the process of conveyancing more efficient through being innovative. We integrate all our services with current technology and we make sure the cost is kept low whilst maintaining the safety and privacy of your information.

Why you should pick us?

If you have a property to sell and it is straight simple case, then pick us.

We listen, we have the experience and we are passionate about conveyancing.

We will help you all the way from the beginning to settlement and beyond.

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