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Bank’s Lawyer Behaviour Faceless

Let the truth be told

Why all buyers and sellers got it so wrong?

Buyers and sellers like to blame their solicitor or conveyancer for any delay.

Yes, sometimes there are bad solicitor and conveyancers. However, even the good conveyancers and solicitors do get the blame for any delay.

Delay is not all the time, but it does happen from time to time.

When there is a delay you lose time and money. If you are a buyer, you will be hit by delay penalty interest.

You also get hit by emotional turmoil.

I see people always blame it on the lawyer or the conveyancer. You are blaming the innocent people!

Here is what cases the delay that knows one sees. Why is that nobody ever sees?

You need to understand, that the bank does not do the legal work and they do not do the settlement. They appoint their own lawyer to do the mortgage document and to attend to settlement.

Now, did you ever see the bank's lawyer?

Have you or can you see the bank's lawyer?

Is the bank’s lawyer answerable to you?

You see, all the above answers are a big NO,NO & NO.

Are you saying that the bank’s lawyers are behaving badly?

To be frank, most of them have no incentive to work faster. They can behave badly because you do not know about it. They have never been exposed.


Here is why: you do not pay them directly. You never appointed them. You are not their clients. They do not work for you. They have been appointed through their high local connection which most of you are not part of their circles. They are the “faceless emperors”

For 20 years, and longer, people have been blaming and blaming their conveyancers. In fact, their conveyancers have been working so tirelessly.

Your conveyancer is working so hard and they get more pressure from your calls.

If you want to solve this problem of delay, do this when we ask you to:

  1. Report any delay to the banking ombudsman (most of the time this will solve it)
  2. Make it a commitment to change bank's after settlement to send a message to the bank
  3. Spread the truth around

Let the truth be told.

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