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Buyers of house and units checklist (articles must be read)

Stages: Pre-purchase

  1. S66W (all buyers)
  2. Auction (if relevant)
  3. Building contract: for vacant land or off the plan (vacant land or off the plan)
  4. Purchasing Guide (all buyers)
  5. Safety Tips for buyers (all buyers)
  6. Name Change (all buyers)
  7. Giving s66W: pros and cons (all buyers)
  8. Subject to Finance Clause (all buyers)
  9. Purchaser obligation to get finance (all buyers)
  10. To sign or not to sign the contract (all buyers)
  11. Scope of work (all buyers)
  12. Do and Don’ts (all buyers)
  13. Safety Tips for buyers (all buyers)

Just before exchange

  1. Deposit (all buyers)
  2. Exchange (all buyers)
  3. How old is the building (House and units only)

Exchange & Cooling Off

  1. Mother of all Bomb blasts: Home loan (all buyers)
  2. Pest report (House only)
  3. Strata Inspection report (units only)
  4. Deposit Timing (all buyers)

After cooling off

  1. Insurance (many different types) (all buyers)
  2. Short fall of funds to complete for settlement (all buyers)
  3. Building or fire Insurance: when to buy (House only)
  4. Mortgage documents (all buyers)

For settlement

  1. Final Inspection (all buyers)
  2. Financial Surprise at settlement (all buyers)
  3. What you should do on settlement day (all buyers)

Post Settlement

  1. Who will notify the authority? (all buyers)

(If you didn’t get any of the articles, please email to and specify the articles that are missing)

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