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Code of conduct conveyancing

It is important to us that we get things right. Our commitment to high standards is set out below. This Code applies to all members of our conveyancing staff, but not to external forces such as banks and their lawyers.

In the event that we get something wrong, we would like to know about it. As such, for any feedback or complaints about conveyancing or about the conduct of our conveyancers in the course of their work please contact our complaints and customer service team

Before making your complaint it may help to read the answers to some frequently asked questions on our website.


Code of Conveyancing Conduct


The reputation of our brands is based on the conveyancing work. We must have high integrity and high standard of getting the job done correctly.


The public interest

We are bound by the code of ethics of:
• Australian Institute of Conveyancers, NSW
• Department of Fair Trading NSW,
• The Land Title Office
• And the Conveyancing ACT NSW 1919
We cannot break any of the rules set by that law or organisations above.


Accuracy and Conveyancing standard

We have to make sure that all conveyancing work has to be 100% accurate for the Land Title Office.

We always strive to have a high standard of conveyancing knowledge

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