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Buying or selling a Property?
The Conveyancer vs Solicitor debate

Conveyancer or solicitor: it’s a hard decision. In fact, you have been getting conflicting information and it is so confusing.

In NSW, when you buy or sell you have a choice of a non-solicitor, which is the conveyancer or the solicitor, also known as a lawyer. Most conveyancing work is identical, with slight differences. The best advice is to go with someone you can trust. That is check them out and speak to their past clients, that is the best indicator of how good they are for you.

The Care Factor

Let's face it, do you want someone who is the smartest on the land and doesn't care about you?

Most things in life can be done by a person with average intelligence. The key factor is care.

If the person is super smart and very caring, go for him or her. However, if he is smart but has a cold or arrogant personality, I would avoid him at all cost.

The Specialisation Factor

Let's say you want to eat a beef pie.

Which would you pick, a bakery that only makes one product, which is meat pie or you or would you go to a bakery that makes burgers, fries, usage rolls, doughnuts, cheese cakes, pies and a plethora more?

You see, when they specialise, they tend to know their product inside out. They have the passion and the skills. In short, they have perfected their craft.

If the person is a jack of all trades and a master of none, I would be worried to pick that guy.

Would you pick a heart surgeon who is a specialist that performs heart surgery on your mother, or would you pick a heart surgeon that do heart surgery every now and then?

As you would all agree, we would want to find the one that specialises.

Conveyancers, their specialty is conveyancing. Solicitors are a jack of all laws such as criminal law, traffic law, environmental law and law of the sea. However, there also some solicitor that specialises in conveyancing.

The one that specialises is more focused. You should not pick the one that regularly attends to court hearings. Court hearings can last the whole day. That means if you need to contact him or her, you can't, he or she is tied up in court.

The Finance Factor

If you think money is not a consideration, then you can pick either. However, for most people, we look for value for money.

Some legal firms will try to impress you with unnecessary add-ons. For example of useless adds-on are bonded papers and binding covers for your contract of sale of land. Do you really need that?

When you compare the price, you should deduct the unnecessary add-ons. It is not needed, so why would you waste your earned money?

The Trend

“Do most people use solicitors or conveyancers?

2nd Jul 15

Most transactions in South Australia are handled by Conveyancers who are not solicitors.

This is not surprising when professional non-solicitor Conveyancers have been recognised here for around 150 years. Conveyancers were often referred to as land-brokers in the past.

AICSA Members are involved in over 90% of transactions lodged at the Land Titles Office.”

There you go, in South Australia, more than 90% are done by conveyancers.

The trend in NSW is also going the same direction.

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