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Final Inspection

What is it?

Answer: That is a few days before settlement date you inspect the property for the final time before the matter will be settled.

What do I look for at the final inspection?

Answer: You are making sure that the condition of the property is still the same as on the day of exchange. Making sure there are no damage or missing inclusions.

How many times does buyer have the right to inspect the property before settlement?

Answer: 1 time only.

When can I make an arrangement to have the final inspection?

Answer: When your conveyancer confirm with you of a sure settlement date.

How many days before the settlement, should I arrange to do a final inspection?

Answer: This should be 7 days prior to settlement and at the latest, 2 days prior. You need to give a small time frame in case you have any dispute. You need time to resolve any dispute that might arise.

How to do I go about to make the final inspection?

Answer: You can call the salesman and he will arrange a time with you.

What are the recurring problems at final inspection?

Answer: Missing inclusions, broken windows, doors are common.

What is the solution to the problems at final inspection?

Answer: You need to have evidence of the actual condition of the property at the time when you sign the contract to buy. You must take photos of all service areas of the property as evidence. If you have not done so, you must insist to go to inspect the property one more time within the cooling off period. After the cooling off period, you are not allowed to go back to the property.

I have no photo evidence, can I argue at the time of final inspection that the condition of the property is not the same as when it was at the exchange time?

Answer: You can argue until your face goes pink and the cows come home, you will never win.

At the final inspection, I have found out that the toilet doesn't flush and that the stove is not working, what can I do?

Answer: You can whinge and cry until your tears run dry. That is all you can do. You can take that as a learning lesson. You see, all the contract says you buy as "it is" whether you can see or cannot see. So it is important that you check everything thoroughly before you enter into a contract to buy.

Can the vendor leave a pile of rubbish, car tyres under the house and beds in the garden?

Answer: They often do. People are lazy to remove rubbish.

What does the law say about leaving rubbish behind?

Answer: The law says that the vendor can leave a reasonable amount of rubbish behind. The problem is, what is a "reasonable" amount to you? Obviously, if they leave a mountain of dead mice at the backyard, that is not reasonable.

How can I make sure there is no complication about rubbish at the final inspection?

Answer: In the past, smart clients will call the agent ask them to do them a favour to check and make sure that all rubbish is removed. Do this ahead of anticipated settlement time. This has a 90% chance of no hassle at the final inspection.

If it has been raining heavily for 2 weeks before settlement and I feel that the lawn is knee deep, what should I do?

Answer: You should call the agent to mow the lawn about 1 week prior to the final inspection. This usually solves the problem and you will have a happy final inspection.

If I have not done as per your suggestion can I nag and nag you to help when I have problems?

Answer: We heard your desperate pleas so often. If we say no, it seems we are cold hearted. We say that we can try, but it's a hopeless situation. The best solution is that you take the above advice seriously and follows it out meticulously.

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