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No more face to face meeting in the near future

What is new in conveyancing?

The Australian government is migrating towards 100% online conveyancing 100% digital conveyancing is here since 2016.

What does that mean?

It means you do not need to see your conveyancer or solicitors face to face. It means everything can be done online.

It also means the following ARE DONE ELECTRONICALLY:

  1. Pay stamp duty
  2. Pay council rate
  3. Pay water rates

All transfers are in the electronic format. No paper work. Your instructions are already given according to the contract of sale of land that you have signed.

It also means all registration at Land Title Office are done online.

What happens to paper Certificate of Title (CT)?

Very soon, all Certificate of Title will be in an electronic format. It is only a record kept at Land Title Office.

80% of CTs are now in the electronic format. It is called eCT.

If you have no face to face meeting, how do you identify the vendor or the purchaser?

Answer: For the real estate agents, they still have to do the identity check the traditional way.

How about the contract of sale of land, how do I sign?

Answer: You still sign it the normal way and the agent then can scan it to us (for speed). The original can be posted later.

For solicitors and conveyancers, all clients will have to go to the nearest Australia Post Office and have your identified verified. The post office then will contact the solicitor or the conveyancer that the person has been identified and that conveyancing can continue as normal.

Our firm is a member of Australia Post for Identification purpose.

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