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Our prohibited categories

Our prohibited conveyancing categories are listed below:

  1. Anything that is illegal
  2. You are currently living outside of Australia
  3. Buying under a family trust
  4. Private sale to a family member
  5. Properties outside NSW
  6. Selling with insufficient money to pay-out the mortgage
  7. Buying with more than $10,000 rebate
  8. Settlement that takes more than 100 days
  9. Properties with now sewerage diagram
  10. Minors: vendors or purchaser under 18 years of age
  11. Nominee purchase
  12. Deceased estate
  13. Caveats on title
  14. Properties with water access license (for farming)
  15. Leasehold properties
  16. Selling or buying under Power of Attorneys
  17. Selling privately
  18. Buying from a private sale
  19. Self Managed Super Fund Transfers
  20. Going through a divorce
  21. Sending money to a bank account outside of Australia
  22. Off the plan sale or purchase
  23. Units with no strata managing agents (for a group of 10 or more units)
  24. Non- Citizen or Permanent holder of Australia
  25. New Citizens living outside of Australia, must be able to able to have your identity verified at an Australia Post Office
  26. Old system title
  27. Retirement Village
  28. Option: sale or purchase
  29. Time sharing: buy or sell
  30. Creative or unusual Special Conditions
  31. Listing (appointing more than one agent ) with more than one agent

This list is updated from time to time.

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