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Our Strategies to make it better for you

Our mission is to settle your property correctly and in a timely manner. In doing so, it must be absolutely safe for you.

Our operational procedures are of excellent standard and are the most efficient that they can be.

Your safety is our priority. We value your safety above all else. Safety means, that the settlement has to be done at no loss and it has to be done properly.

We pursue operational excellence and constant improvement in our operations and working as a single, coherent team.

To accomplish this mission, we have developed a strategic plan based on the following essential factors for success:

Wide area coverage of locations:

We offer clients the title transfer procedures that are buying or selling properties within New South Wales that are listed on our local Councils Guide. Please refer to our local Councils Guide.

We offer our clients the best price options, creating the best value within New South Wales and it is not geographically dependent. Distance is no longer a consideration.

Brand and customer experience:

We are not strong on branding as we believe that marketing costs a lot of money. Money could be saved by providing you with a more efficient service. We constantly working to become the first choice conveyancer for you through a unique client experience, leveraging digital mobile technology and developing a single, culture, service and deliver the best value for you.

Cost competitiveness:

We constantly improve our competitiveness. We streamline the way we work and how we interact with you.

We provide all the basics that you need to know upfront. This way, you know what to expect in advance. You have the basic knowledge at your fingertips. Your stress level will be down and unnecessary communication will be avoided. The result would be a more seamless system. Time & money saved.

Our main strengths are:

  • Our staffs are well trained
  • We work on a low cost business model
  • Efficient processes
  • We utilise modern technology such as the internet, email and SMS
  • We provide all the knowledge that you need to know in advance
  • When we take on your case, you will have full confidence
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