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Pest Report, an advice from a quack doctor

In this article, I will tell you that you are getting a “quack doctor” to give you advice. A quack is a fake doctor.

The correct term for a pest report should be a termite report. You are not checking for pests such as flies and cockroaches, you are checking for wood eating termites.

Why would you want to check for termites before you commit yourself to a purchase?

For obvious reasons, you are frightened of termites as if the house is infested, you will lose money.

Typically, people do not do termite reports on units.

99.99% of ladies will commission a termite report for houses

92% of men will commission a termite report for houses

Should you do a termite report on townhouses?

50% of people do and 50% don’t. If there are a lot of wood within the property, most people will order a termite report

Is a termite report compulsory?

Answer: No. There is no law to force you to order one. However, in the last 30 years people believe it is highly advisable to get one.

Are all termite inspectors the same?

Answer: Not all inspectors are the same. Some just march into the front door and walk straight out and then give you a report. Others will spend a longer time to have a thorough check. Then there are those that are in between. Usually, the cheaper the inspector, the less thorough the job will be. But this is not always the case though. Pick the one that you are comfortable with.

Let me ask you a scenario as who would you pick to give you advice.

If you have a check‐up for breast cancer, would you let your pharmacist read the report or your doctor read the report?

You see, your lawyer or conveyancer had never studied about termites and chances are he has never seen a live termite in his or her life.

If you do not believe me, ask your lawyer or conveyancer the following questions:

Are you qualified to do termite inspection?

  • Do you know what a borer is?
  • Do you know what is schedorhinotermes intermedius?
  • Do you know what is coptotermes acinaciformis?
  • Do you know what type of condition is most likely to attract termites?

If he or she answer no to all the above, then he or she is not qualified to give you advice on a termite report.

If he or she does attempts to give you advice, then he or she is a “quack doctor”.

Why some lawyers and conveyancers give advice to you when they are not qualified?

Here are some of the reasons

  • They want to make additional money from you
  • They try to have more services, and charge you more money for it
  • You do not know how to contact an inspector
  • They want to be seen to make your life easy by giving you a “package” service.

The problem with the Pest Inspection Report

  1. In their report they will write, certain area is too small to get access to and therefore it wasn’t done.
  2. There are too many obstructions such as there were too many furniture and therefore it was not able to do a proper inspection.
  3. The draft report was given to a typist who is not an inspector and some meanings are lost. It is then read by the lawyer who has no training in pest identification and more meaning are distorted.
  4. They use the lawyer as a “buffer” for their shocky work.
  5. There are endless and endless of small prints in the report. All those small prints are disclaimers saying that the inspector is not liable for anything.

Summary of Smart Tips:

  • Ring around and talk to 3 termite inspectors and ask if they are licensed and insured. Ask for evidence. Pick the one that you are comfortable with.
  • Make sure the inspector allow you to accompany him or her to the house.
  • Inspectors do a better job when you are watching them.
  • You then ask him if there are termites there and then.
  • Ask him to point out all the areas that he or she cannot get access to.
  • First-hand information is 99% clearer than a written report. Would you pick your spouse based on a written report or would you like to meet him or her in the flesh?

Our staff are happy to give you 3 inspectors and you then contact them.

Or you can find them in your local newspaper, Yellow Pages or on Google.

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