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Purchasing Guide
Arrange for Building, Pest & Strata Inspections Before going unconditional (During cooling off period)
Arrange finance approval & provide us a copy of formal approval letter. Before Going Unconditional (During cooling off period)
Give deposit to Real Estate Agent. (Total of 10% of purchase price) After your loan is formally approved and before cooling off period expires/finishes..
Sign Mortgage Documents.
Buy Home/Building Insurance (Strata not needed)
Email copy of bank account statement.
Link you saving account to your loan account To let you know of settlement date. Once we know of the date.
Arrange final inspection with real estate agent (Usually 1 day before settlement) When we let you know of settlement date.
To let you know that it has settled Settlement normally is at 3pm and we will call you at 3.30pm
Collect keys from real estate agent or from the in-charge When we call you and tell you at 3.30pm on the day of settlement
Arrange to connect electricity, gas & phone After settlement
Turn on your mobile phone or turn it to silent mode. At all times
Keep this for your record
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