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Safety Tips for Buyers

Each year buyers get to buy and are trouble free. If you follow this simple tip, you will be 99.9% safe
Within the cooling off period or even before exchange of contracts do the followings
  • 1. Make sure your loan is 100% unconditionally approved before you cool off. The majority of problems buyers’ face it has nothing to do with the legal conveyancing. They have problems in getting the loan approved. Loan declined means you cannot settle.
  • 2. You make sure you do a pest and building report or strata inspection report and ascertain if there are issues that you need to be aware of.
  • 3. Illegal structures are hard to detect and you can run into problems with the local council. You can buy illegal structure insurance to protect yourself.
Note that the above can cost you money if there are issues. Adhere to the above simple rules and you will have a happy and rewarding experience with your purchase.
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