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Scope of work and agreement for vendors

Project statement: Acting for the Sale on a Budget

What is conveyancing?

It is the transfer of title of Person A to person B.

What is our duty in Conveyancing?

“We will make sure that we make the correct contract so you or your agent can start marketing your property. We ensure that you will have a successful settlement”

To make that clear: our duty is to transfer the property title from you to the buyer, and that is it.

Project steps and Timeline

We will prepare for you a correct of sale of land contract to enable your real estate agent to commence marketing

Before we commence your work, we need:

  • You to answer us a list of questions and
  • An initial payment to be transferred to our bank account

The time required for the settlement process/contract process/process lies between 28 and 42 days on average – with 28 days being the earliest. Whilst it will usually take no longer than 42 days, there may be rare cases where it will take slightly longer than 42 days.


What is excluded from this project?

This is an economically efficient project and we do not handle work that is not our duties.

We do NOT give advice and you must do your own research and enquiries. Here are some of the things you should consider before selling:

Seek your accountant advice about any tax implications

Special note:

You must ensure that you are not selling your property for less than what you owe the bank. If you do, you must inform us about this immediately

If you owe people money and they have lodged a caveat, you must negotiate that to be removed in good time

It is our policy that we do not transfer your money outside of Australia

Additional service:

If you like any specific advice, we need to have it in writing and we will endeavour to get back to you. This will, of course, attract additional fees.


We are not capable of answering enquiries about any taxation, Centrelink, interest rate, employment or speculation on property matters.

Warning advice

As this is budget conveyancing, we do not handle matters that are complicated such as going through a divorce.


  1. Illegal Structure if you know of any illegal structures such as an illegal granny flat, you must spell that out clearly in the contract of sale
  2. Non-Compliance Swimming Pool: It is now law since 1 March 2016 that all swimming pools must have a swimming pool compliance certificate that is dated within 6 months of the sale

Our commitment to Vendors

  1. Offer the lowest appropriate fee as we can
  2. Notify you of any known problems such as delays
  3. We will notify you either by phone, SMS, fax, email or by post
  4. If any problems come up, we will do all we can to assist

Vendors Commitments

  1. Communication: you must keep your mobile on or on silent and that you check your emails at the appropriate time
  2. When we ask you to do something, we expect you to cooperate in an efficient manner
  3. You read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  4. Have trust in us and do not call incessantly

We understand and agree to the above

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