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Selling Process
(The easy way)

If you can use Ebay, you can do this easily.

Everyman and his dog will tell you that the selling process is complicated and riskier than going to the moon. (And only Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin or Tony Abbott can do it)


Now, let me tell you a Top Secret. It is SIMPLE and ABSOLUTELY safe if you do it my way.

Here it is:

  • We prepare the contract for you Here you fill out one form and we will have your contract delivered to your agent so he can start selling for you.
  • Your agent finds a buyer and you sign your contract to sell (This stage is known as the exchange stage. Your property is sold with a 5 business days cooling off period). Buyers will often request for further extension of the cooling off period because they need more time to get their home loan fully approved. The traditional 5 days cooling is usually not enough.
  • We will discharge your loan and prepare for settlement
  • Settlement takes place (you never ever have to turn up, we do it all for you)
  • After settlement, you get your money in the form of a bank cheque by post
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