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We reward buyers up to $55

We reward you with the price reduction if you do the following yourself without our intervention:

Put your skills to the test

At or before exchange, you negotiate directly with the real estate salesman


At exchange, you negotiate with the salesman for a minimum of 10 or 15 days cooling off

$10 off


Get the agent to email us the full contract within 2 hours of exchange. No original contract to be posted to us (instead, he gives you the original contract). The exchanged contract for us must be emailed to

$10 off


If you can exchange with the vendor while the vendor is in the same office. This is to avoid you being gazumped

$5 off

After exchange


If you chase up your broker or banker and get the loan formally approved within 4 business days. You simply email to us evidence within 4 business (evidence must say “loan formally approved”)

$30 off


We only need a copy of the contract. The original is for you to keep.

Gazumping is when you agreed to buy before exchange the vendor changes his or her mine to sell to another person.

To get an extension of cooling off after exchange can be impossible as often vendor change their mind not to sell.

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