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Who are authorised to do conveyancing by the Government?

The people that are authorised to do conveyancing in New South Wales are Conveyancer, solicitor, barrister (barristers are grouped into normal barrister or QC or SC).

Conveyancing is considered the easy law. It is only a transfer of land. Just a bit more complicated than the transfer of a car. It is the “baby” of all the laws.

More and more conveyancers are growing as a profession in NSW.

Some solicitor will do conveyancing and some will not as they can find other areas of law which are more money eg personal injuries.

Very few barristers will handle conveyancing work. Many so called “barristers” are not barrister at all. They only are trying to make themselves feel higher than what they really are.

True barristers would normally do not do conveyancing because their speciality is to argue on important cases in court.

QC and SC and the most learnt and most senior of all the barristers and they will not do conveyancing. There is not enough money in it for them.

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