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Your Rights And Duties as a Vendor

Your Rights:

  • Not to be pressured by anyone to do anything except by law
  • Your rights not to exchange contracts against your will
  • When requested by the purchaser for extensions or multiple extensions, it's your rights to grant or not to grant an extension of the cooling off period

Your Duties:

  • You are duty bound by the contract
  • Your duty is to do anything that needs to be done as requested by us without delay
  • Your duty is to fill and sign all documents with the greatest care.
  • Your duty is to make sure your witness sign and fill out any form with great care
  • Your duty is to make sure all forms that require you to execute must be done with 100% accuracy and with care.
  • Your duty is to sign any necessary documents and in particular, the Discharge form and the Annexure A when we ask you to
  • Your duty is to make sure you have enough money to pay out the bank at settlement. That is your loan must be smaller than what you have sold the property for
  • Your duty is to immediately arrange with your bank to restructure your loan if you have complex loan arrangement with your bank. All the mixing of various loans together will cause delay for settlement
  • Your duty is to clean and remove all rubbish (including under the house) before the final inspection so that the purchaser will not complain or delay your settlement. The biggest excuse for the purchaser to delay settlement is because you didn't clean and remove the rubbish properly.
  • Your duty is to mown the lawn 1 week before the final inspection, if there was heavy rain or the lawn is too long
  • Your duty is to find your new accommodation early and that you move out several days before settlement and not on the day of settlement
  • Your duty is to co-operate with us promptly when we ask you to do something
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